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(Things to Avoid List Below)

Things are so much easier to do when you are doing them out of love… or for someone you love.

I guess I must have loved myself enough to do all this research…. but I am sharing it because someone I love has pain issues and I don’t ever want someone to feel un-empowered.

We might be able to take away pain, but we can take away suffering.

My neurologist only did so much… well, he took me off of 7 different medications that could have killed me. . . that’s a lot. He told me dead on though that if I thought foods were a trigger, I needed to solve that on my own.

There were so many things that the pain psychologist, pain specialist, biofeedback technician, primary doctor, etc didn’t do and well, all I can say is I am grateful to Google and other search engines.

We can become empowered when we learn… doctors usually don’t take the time to teach which is a shame.  When I told the pain specialist, I want to figure out what part of my pain I am causing and figure out ways to stop it, he looked at me with a blank look… then he proceeded to say… well, you’re more sophisticated than most of my clients, they just want me to fix them and they won’t take any of the blame.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, it’s not about blame, it’s about responsibility, it’s about being an agent of change!

Never will I have a doctor (or anyone else tell me)… I’m sorry… it will be like this forever, there is nothing you can do.


Because even if I was diagnosed with something that could end my life, I still have choices, I still have my attitude, I still have my breath, and I still have hope.

Now, I’m not talking blind hope or something like denial.  I’m talking hope… the kind I had when I trusted my acupuncturist, like when I trusted my physical therapist and massage therapist.  Like when I trusted myself to keep data and do my homework, including reading everything that was out there.

These foods can create difficulties for a number of reasons:  having histamine responses, being high in tyramine, tannins, nitrates, etc.  And not all of these foods will bother you.  But this can give you a guideline.

Interestingly, if you look at diets suggested for some health conditions, like rosacea, there are a lot of similarities.. well, many diseases have at their root inflammation and so similar things will trigger inflammatory responses.

Now, I make my own choices… if I am craving pizza, (can you tell that I love pizza I keep writing about it)… I make sure I don’t do something silly like eat it with a bowl of soup or with a big salad with lots of cheese.  I can still have a headache, but I minimize the possible effects.  And I know to take my migraine medicine before hand.  I don’t make a practice of it but if the craving is there, I’ve tried some mindful eating, and it persists, I don’t beat myself up any more… I take cautious action.

So, I’m going to give you another tool… A list of Foods to Avoid if you have symptoms of migraine headaches.  Here it is:  foods to avoid Sheet1

I spoke with someone I love today and promised this list… so here it is to anyone who reads this blog.

I hope it helps you to feel empowered to change your own health.

I hope it helps you to find safety, deep peace, joy, and lasting success.

What’s next?  A list of foods that are usually safe.  YES, there are safe foods.

So, may this be a labor of love for the people in my life that have pain, particularly migraines.  May the merit of my work and my words bring some comfort and ease to others.


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Whose says sleeping is for the dead?   4 comments

English: A Sleeping moon in a cap.

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Have you ever heard that expression, why sleep now?  You can sleep while you’re dead?  Well, we continue to learn how important sleep really is for health.  Check out this blog post from

If you can’t sleep, at least learn how to do some meditation or self-hypnosis to learn how to relax and change your brain waves to help ease the stress.

If you periodically have some lost sleep, you will have difficulties but if they go on long-term, seek medical help.

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Compassion for Ourselves in the Face of Pain   2 comments

Noah Levine

Noah Levine (Photo credit: SharonaGott)

“…with practice we gain the ability to choose how to respond to pain.  Our instinctual tendency is to meet pain with aversion, try to push it away.  Reflect for a moment:  What is your first reaction to stubbing your toe?  Most of us tend to react either with aversion (trying to push the pain way) or denial (trying to pretend it isn’t there).  The experience of freedom comes when, through the radical approach of the Buddha, we begin to have the appropriate response to pain, which is not aversion, but compassion.”

~~ Noah Levine, Against the Stream

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