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The astonishing thing is that in spite of all we have done, the earth still offers back so much beauty, so much sustenance. So much of what we need is embodied in it. If we treat things in accord with what we believe they’re worth, then the value of the world is something that we imagine. The thing that we can do for the world is always expressed in terms of how we can treat the world & each other, the quality of our behavior…..Emmet Gowin

there’s something elemental in compassion….a direct communication to the divine….a mother-quality….an instinctive ‘right behavior’….sister to mercy…..a profound discipline in the simplest act of witnessing another….

we are all vulnerable….

The world-view now emerging- if we are bold to experience its implicatons- lets us behold anew & experience afresh the web of life in which we exist. It opens us to the vast intelligence of life’s self-organizing…

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