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Here is what author, Carol A Foster said about food and migraines in her out of print book, Gotta Headache?

“Many of the foods you eat may contain something that interferes with how your brain functions; but don’t give up on eating.  It appears that small amounts of certain foods consumed at a time when your disease is well controlled might not trigger a headache or other symptoms.  However, when certain foods are eaten together or over several days a headache will result.  these foods are “trigger foods.

Naturally occurring amino acids, the basic building blocks of all protein, are in the foods that interact with serotonin and other brain-cell activity.”

Here is a PDF text from Foster.  I wish she was still in practice!

Enjoy and hope it helps!

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  1. Reblogged this on Namaste Consulting Inc. and commented:

    Here is the second article… So far, I have attached a list of foods to avoid, safe foods, and a headache journal. This week, I will post a 7 day triggers tracker… wow, say that quickly… and I will give a review of a new iPhone app I downloaded earlier today.
    Namaste, Jennifer

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