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I chose the above picture for a reason… Yes, you can eat on a migraine friendly diet.  There isn’t anything on this plate that you can’t eat.

Here is the list of allowed foods:  allowed foods Sheet1

It’s not quite as plentiful as the foods to avoid but the nice thing is that almost all spices are on the list.  When you aren’t using tenderizer or marinade, spices come in very handy!

I had forgotten that honeydew and cantaloupe were on the list.  I bought some on my last trip to Whole Foods.  I was trying to have some in the mornings with my eggs.  I felt pretty inflamed today — my face can get rosy if I have too much going on.  I couldn’t figure out why.  The melon didn’t help.

But that’s okay.  I can have watermelon and actually it was the ripest of the three.

And the other night, I had a small piece of steak, brown rice.  I had asparagus the two nights before so I wanted a different veggie.  I had a container of cut up yellow squash and zucchini.  The zucchini didn’t look that good but the yellow squash was fine.  And I had some French green beans.

Whole green beans in a carton.

So, I added a little garlic infused olive oil to a sauce pan, added blanched green beans and the cut up squash.  I had no other foods on my plate that could have given me a migraine.  When the veggie dish was done, I added a very tiny bit of feta and salt and pepper.  It was delightful and headache free.

Now, I can’t have as much feta as I would love to have but it was a safer day.  I was okay.  And I didn’t pair it with other trigger foods.

The next morning, I had warmed brown rice with a little brown sugar and cut up apple.  I had a little dish of it at work after a meeting.  Again, a good headache-free meal.

So, don’t think that you can’t eat or that food is the enemy.  There are friendlier foods.

One note… with this list, please read labels.  Things that are on the “safe” list might be, in their normal packaging.  But let’s take a look at something that is unhealthy for headaches…

I used to love bran flakes.  Posts’ to be exact.  I had it with a little skim milk and thought it was super.  Well, Post Bran Flakes have BHT in it, a known headache trigger and not a friend to healthy living.  But, bran flakes, colon health.  Skim milk, good for the heart, right?  Nope.  Skim milk is not on the safe list.  So, a healthy little bowl of cereal used to start my day off in the wrong way.

Potato Chips are fine.  But not barbecued ones or flavored.  Stay away from things that are Parmigiana flavored.

Really, stay away from the middle of the grocery store, unless you are looking for canned tomatoes or juice.  Pick healthy whole foods instead of processed.  Probably that tip alone will cut your pain by a lot.

Hope my lessons help you to start experiencing more pain free days!


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