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Warning: Flax isn’t always good for a body   2 comments


Flax (Photo credit: bwmaddog21)

You know… I really hate health food some times!

People just assume that if it is good for one, it’s good for all.

And the FDA does a horrible job at keeping up with the need to label allergens.

As much as EVERYONE is on the flax is the perfect food bandwagon, you have to be careful what you eat.

Twice I have gotten very sick by eating/ingesting healthy things.

The first time was when I took a natural decongestant when I lived in TN.  It had bee pollen in it and I blew out an ear drum a few weeks before moving away to grad school.

Flax seed

Flax seed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other time was, at the instance of a then-boyfriend who was a health food freak, when I started taking flax-seed oil supplements and eating bread made from flax-seed.  He insisted that it was a “bad” batch of flax until I found a site from Andrew Weil that said it was possible.  I didn’t want to go to the ER so I made him stay up all night with me, to make sure that I could breathe as my throat closed.

And what did I learn?  Never date a guy who insisted on things I did not feel comfortable with … like crazy “health” remedies that felt counter intuitive.  And get to the doctor when you are not sure…

My point is, if you are intuitive at all, do your own research and go within to decide what you need to do about your own body… don’t let someone try to force you to do a treatment (of any kind) that you don’t feel is safe.  Don’t fall for gimmicks that promise the moon and will most likely not even deliver moon rocks!

Here is a blog post that disguises her experiences with flax.

Learn from our lessons.  When in doubt, research, research, research!


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A Message From The Creator   2 comments

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Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future – Paul Boese

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Relaxation and Meditation Are Just as Critical to Health as Diet and Exercise   1 comment

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Here’s What Harvard Says About Healthy Eating   2 comments — the article where I found this diagram

Remember that health institutions put out guidelines for the general public.  I do believe that some people do better with some foods or should totally avoid some foods.

I think this is a great depiction of what a plate should look like.  Research shows that most women with migraines tend to eat high carb, high fat diets and I am sure there are a lot of reasons why… comfort and the ease of digestion come to mind first.

Be smart.  Don’t be extreme.  Listen to your body.  Breathe.  Drink water.  Manage Stress.  Love some one or something… or practice lovingkindness to all beings.

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Allopathic, alternative and integrative health care   Leave a comment

The Calm Monkey

One systemic problem I see in western society healthcare is when medical professionals only use allopathic (drugs and surgery) or ‘conventional western’ methods. But in fairness to our western-trained medical professionals, I understand the dilemma that they often do not have enough time to consider the ‘whole person’.

When faced with a health issue, some people have a mindset of ‘just give me a pill and I’ll be on my way’.  The problem with drugs and surgery is that they just address the symptom, not the underlying reason that the issue developed in the first place.

There is still a stigma around the terms alternative or complementary methods.  Partaking in things like acupuncture, herbs, massage therapy, nutrition, yoga, meditation, etc, is sometimes looked upon by skeptics as ‘oh, you like those alternative methods’.  Anyone who says that is ignorant about whole person care (I say ‘ignorant’ in a…

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Top Ten Sources of Aspartame   Leave a comment

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Food & Migraine   1 comment

Here is what author, Carol A Foster said about food and migraines in her out of print book, Gotta Headache?

“Many of the foods you eat may contain something that interferes with how your brain functions; but don’t give up on eating.  It appears that small amounts of certain foods consumed at a time when your disease is well controlled might not trigger a headache or other symptoms.  However, when certain foods are eaten together or over several days a headache will result.  these foods are “trigger foods.

Naturally occurring amino acids, the basic building blocks of all protein, are in the foods that interact with serotonin and other brain-cell activity.”

Here is a PDF text from Foster.  I wish she was still in practice!

Enjoy and hope it helps!

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