Congress hates Veterans   1 comment

This is really sick on the heals of the debate about universal health care!
I think that we should stop all wars and bring our troops home. We can go back to war when we can figure out how to humanely treat these wounded warriors when they come back to us … which would mean no more war!
Thank you for sharing it with us Bill. We should be outraged and disgusted!!!!!!


While at the Veterans Hospital today I read a disclaimer that the staff had put on the counter at the dental clinic. It said:

“We would like to advise you that if you do not have dental coverage the cost of an extraction as set by CONGRESS is $487”

It goes on to say “a private extraction is less than $152 and at Cook County Hospital $50”

I find this disgusting and unjust. How can members of Congress sleep at night.

Thank you to the staff for bringing this to the attention of Veterans!


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