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Patsy's Pizza

Patsy's Pizza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a quick list of 10 kinds of food that seem to be linked to inflammation in the body.

Why is this list important?

If you live with arthritis, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, migraines, and several other illnesses, inflammation plays a profound part in your life.

I try to limit things like cheese (dairy) , pasta, citrus, nuts, and other things that I know either create congestion and/or pain.  It isn’t that I have totally gotten rid of them, but I’m a bit smarter now.

I try not to eat pizza… yeast dough, pizza sauce, mushrooms, cheese… a migraine waiting to happen (and this is tough for a girl from the East Coast who loves her NY style pizza!)

pppppssssttttt… hey you, I know a lot of people think MSG is only in Chinese food, but guess again… MSG and similar chemicals like yeast extract are in foods such as processed tomato sauce.  And did you know that Soy sauce is used in a lot of things for flavor… Olive Garden uses it in some of it’s dishes that you would not expect…  I know it’s a secret but share it anyway…

If I am going to have some orange juice, I try to watch what I have for the rest of the day or make sure that I don’t have something at the next meal that contains a food that I know increases the likelihood of me having a headache.  I would not have a salad with lots of balsamic vinegar on it for lunch.

There are some days, when I want that pizza… I might get a slice at Whole Foods and know that it is likely that I could get a headache.  I weigh that out now… somedays when the weather is changing and I’m tired after the 90 minute drive to Whole Foods, it’s not worth it.  Other days, no  matter what I say to myself, I want pizza and I don’t beat myself up… I just remind myself that there could be consequences.

I haven’t cut bread out of my diet but I eat less of it, try to buy it organic, and try to eat it while it’s fresh.  But I rarely eat pasta or potatoes anymore.  I love brown rice so if I need a carb that’s what I tend to go for.

In the next few days, I will be posting a PDF of common trigger foods for migraines.  I find that they are also triggers for things like rosecea… both dis-eases have an inflammation component to them.

I have also set up a PDF so all you have to do is check off  triggers that you experience daily and one sheet can be used for 7 days.

I hope you find it helpful.  I wish that I had been using something like this when I was trying to be a partner to the doctors in figuring out what was going on.

Like one of my posts said, when it comes to doctor appoints, data is golden.  Make sure you go prepared.

Let us know what are foods that you find cause joint achiness, headaches, etc.  Help us help ourselves to health.


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3 responses to “Inflammation and Food

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  1. Reblogged this on Namaste Consulting Inc. and commented:

    Resource on foods that can increase inflammation….

  2. I’ve been heavily messing with my diet now for several years…turns out I have some odd food allergies that cause inflammation too…the most notable being to the nightshade family of plants…

    being that before I knew this I was trying to eat an anti-inflammatory diet I was including large amounts of cayenne pepper which is generally an excellent anti-inflammatory food…UNLESS YOU”RE ALLERGIC TO IT!! then it does the opposite. ha ha…

    and yes, cayenne pepper (and all peppers, save black pepper) are nightshades!

    this is an interesting and sometimes difficult journey! I’m still mastering what my body likes best in the way of food…but yeah, cheese is out and so are most grains…

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