Pranayama and its healing power   1 comment

Pranayama is a great way to relax and balance yourself!!!

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Here’s my AlphabeThursday post for the letter “P”.

Pranayama, or breathing, practice is a key element of the Kriya tradition in yoga. Since my teacher was a disciple of Goswami Kriyananda, of the Kriya lineage (that of Paramahansa Yogananda), he taught us a number of breathing practices during hatha classes. I loved it from the beginning and took a pranayama class at the Temple of Kriya Yoga to learn more.

For many years my main practice was alternate nostril breathing, which I used before every meditation as a means to calm my highly stressed and tension-filled body enough to meditate. I used some of the others and along the way added holotropic breathing and the Eight Key Breaths to the repertoire.

Eventually my issues with kundalini led to my acupuncturist banning me from all breathing practice. For some years, although I experimented periodically, I stayed away from pranayama…

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