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Great post… we are responsible for knowing, doing, and being!

Be Beautiful and Dance.

There’s no one else to blame.

Beauty is not hidden, it surrounds us at all times in all forms. The Illuminati is not secretly designing hatefulness behind the scenes for profit and fun. No one forces us to knowingly eat poisonous foods, support fear based news, watch reality television that is used to ridicule and demean, visit gossip sites, or entertain pornography. The ways in which we decide to feed our body, spirit, and mind are quickly revealed by our disposition.

It is not a secret that nutrition is the #1 prevention and cure for illness. Just as your body breaks down from inflammation, cancer, and diabetes, caused by a diet high in processed, sugar-laden, non-foods; so does the mind deteriorate from a diet of low-brow entertainment, accepting uninformed opinions, and laziness. And what is it we feed our Spirit these days but dualistic and conformist propaganda?

If we are…

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